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Rose Guitar Large

Rose Guitar Large
Rose Guitar Large
This spectacular image is featured in PR-1000 advertising. Note that when you recieve the design it will appear to be one image. When the 14 x 14" Jumbo Frame is attached to the PR-1000 the file can be opened and will automatically be split in two. Embroider the first image and follow the onscreen instructions for applying the snowman positioning sticker and scanning for accurate connection of the remaining half of the design. Customers who have embroidery machines with 8 x 8 design area capability can also download BRO-ROSEGUITARSMALL
Our Price: 14.99
For Use With
Beige - EMBROIDERY #843
Black - EMBROIDERY #900
Dark Brown - EMBROIDERY #058
Linen - EMBROIDERY #307
Pewter - EMBROIDERY #704
Silver - EMBROIDERY #005
White - EMBROIDERY #001
Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000e, Luminaire Innov-ís XP1, THE Dream Machine® 2 Innov-ís XV8550D, THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D
Width: 10.89 Inches
Height: 12.75 Inches
Stitch Count: 112398
Color Count: 9
Recommended thread colors are shown above as color icons, names and numbers. Color names and numbers include: Embroidery, Country, RA Polyester and RA Rayon. Embroidery and Country are from the Brother thread collection and can be purchased at authorized Brother dealers. More information about RA Polyester and RA Rayon can be found at www.Robinson-Anton.com

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