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  1. Every design must be linked to a machine that you will use to embroider the design. We require the machine ID for your machine so that we can prepare the design to work properly with your machine. The machine ID number that will be related to the design that is purchased will be found on the machine information pages that are held in the machine. For more information on how to locate this number please refer to the instruction manual that came with the machine. If the instruction manual has been misplaced, a new one can be downloaded at no charge at Manuals and Product Documentation for your Brother Product. Note: the Machine ID number is NOT to be confused with the Machine serial number. They are two entirely different numbers.
  2. Designs downloaded are for use with Brother Embroidery machines only and cannot be copied or shared in any way.
  3. For product information such as future updates and upgrades, visit our web site at: Updates and Upgrades
  4. Digital embroidery design(s) is sized by machine capability and purchased as a product to be downloaded to a computer or other acceptable storage device.
  5. Digital embroidery design(s) is sold to one individual and the profile assigned to a particular design can be altered no more than 3 times. Profile changes include: any changes to machine ID numbers. Note that a machine model can also be changed but that process is part of the 3 opportunities for change or alteration.
  6. Digital embroidery design(s) is in the .pen proprietary format. The .pen format can NOT be changed.
  7. Digital embroidery design(s) is archived at http:www.iBroidery.com in a personalized account created at the time of purchase and can be retrieved from this site with no time limitations.
  8. Digital embroidery design(s) can also be downloaded to a variety of storage media including: USB storage media, USB cable connection to appropriate Brother Embroidery machines or Brother writable memory cards for PED Basic.
    Note: consumers who own the following models: HE120, Innov-is500D, Innov-is900D, LB6770, LB6770PRW, PE700II and/or SE270D or SE350… MUST own PED-Basic (v 1.07 or higher). Owners of the previously mentioned machines will be required to pass purchased iBroidery designs through their computer to the PED-Basic program and then save the designs to the (proprietary) formatted writable memory card. The Brother memory card will then be the device that holds the purchased iBroidery designs and will then be inserted in the machine for viewing and using such data. PED-Basic can be updated to v. 1.07 at no charge. Drivers, utilities and software updates for your Brother Product
  9. Data that has been successfully downloaded to a computer or other acceptable storage device can be stored on that device indefinitely with no limitation of usage.

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